Vero k4, usb drive and Win 10

I would like to plug an external usb drive (8TB) into my Vero 4K but am having difficulting sorting it all out. Is there an easy to follow guide so that my Win 10 machiine can both see the usb drive and traqnsfer files to it over my network?

  • my Win10 internal ip is
    -Vero 4K internal ip is
  • usb drive is plugged in Vero 4K
  • what format should the usb drive be
  • I can ssh in to the Vero
  • I see the usb as sda1
  • I do see it auto mounts as /mnt/media
    After that I am lost. Any pointers in the right direction would be awesome.


Since there is some need information needed, I’m gonna mention it and assume you get it:

When you attach the 8 TB, which I’m assuming has it’s own power supply, to the Vero4k(+) it will “auto mount” to the /media/[drive-label]/.

To access the drive from windows, via network, I would install Samba server for the Appstore in MyOSMC(under Settings). It will automatically share any automounted drive.

Which file system to have on the drive is a question of taste and portability. I’ve had issues from time to time, with samba transfer getting stuck or slow to a crawl to the regain speed. I’ve never really managed to put my finger on it why. But since I know it happens, when ever I have a drive that is always connected to Vero, I chose EXT4, to limit the CPU load a FUSE filesystem would bring. But if the drive had to be moved like once a month, I rather use exFAT since I cant expect everybody else having EXT4 support in their windows machine, just because I think it’s worth a few quids.

So USB-disk has own power supply, then install samba server from appstore, run with the filesystem that the drive came with to try it out. If you chose to dedicate the drive to Vero then Ext4 ftw.

In windwos, when disk is plugged in to the vero and samba-server is installed, enter this in explorers “address bar”:

\\\[LABEL] or just \\\ which would show you the windows shares on your Vero.

Hope that answered your questions.

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EDIT A windows reboot has my drive showing up and the directories.

Thanks for the response.

  • yes the usb drive has it’s own power supply
  • currently formated as NTFS (I know, booo)
  • samba server is installed and running on Vero 4K
  • drive shows mounted in /media/New Volume

osmc@OSMC:/media/New Volume$ ls -la
total 8
drwxrwxrwx 1 osmc osmc 0 Apr 14 16:54 ‘$RECYCLE.BIN’
drwxrwxrwx 1 osmc osmc 4096 Apr 14 19:18 .
drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Apr 14 19:00 …
drwxrwxrwx 1 osmc osmc 0 Apr 14 19:17 Movies
drwxrwxrwx 1 osmc osmc 0 Apr 14 19:18 Music
drwxrwxrwx 1 osmc osmc 0 Apr 14 16:54 ‘TV Shows’

A df -h shows /dev/sda1 7.3T 333M 7.3T 1% /media/New Volume
I enter \ in explorer address bar and it shows under my Network but has no Directories?
I’m baffled :slight_smile:

Are you sure you entered the IP address like this because it should at least show the home folder like below and if you have other drives plugged in they should show up as a folder titled with the mount name in that same location. Are you sure you have Samba installed and running? The only thing I can think of to have “osmc” show up but no folders under it is if you were browsing the network section and clicked on an entry it picked up for DLNA. Also if you name the drive in Windows Explorer (when it is plugged into your PC) it should then mount using that name instead of “New Volume”. I would reformat is as exFAT though. This would allow you to read it normally in Windows and also work in Linux without FUSE.

All good to go now. I finally rebooted my Win 10 machine and could then see the Vero4K usb drive. Of course it would be super nice if the Vero had a usb 3.x port and not just 2.0. I average about 40 MB/s which isn’t terrible but 1/3 slower than when I transfer to my Ubuntu box via network.



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