Vero Newbie - Network Advice

Hi all, a complete Vero / Android / Kodi newbie here, for the last ~10 years ive always stuck with popcorn hour and currently have a VTEN.

Ive decided this time round I wanted something a bit different and the Vero was one of the obvious choices, mainly down to output auto switching and this great / active community.

Ive just ordered a Vero 4K + Wifi dongle and am after some advice on the best possible setup to kick it off.
Im starting to expand my 4K collection with a number of these will soon be HDR. All my videos are stored on my Synology NAS which im happy to use NFS and give my Vero a fixed IP.

I have a 802.11ac wireless access point ~2 feet from my media player and wondered for speed whether this would be a better solution over the wired connection? Note, the access point then goes off over 1GB Ethernet to my NAS.
My whole home is wired in gigabit Ethernet.
I thought about purchasing a 802.11ac wifi dongle for my NAS but USB port on my NAS is only 2.0.

Any comments / suggestions greatly welcome.


This is a bit confusing. Is the NAS 1GB capable? If so then a AC dongle would be useless.

If you are asking to use wired or AC on the 4K, with it that close to the router Iā€™d say to stick with wired. It should be able to handle any current 4K content (other than some test vids) out there.

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Yes, the NAS is 1GB capable.
My understanding is that the Vero 4K didnt have gigabit ethernet, therefore using the AC wifi dongle might offer a faster network connection?

Yes ā€” it may do, but is subject to more influence environmentally


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Vero 4K has built in AC. but you should not need it if the 4K can be wired.

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