Vero - No sound


I have issues with getting sound to my built in TV speakers. It has been working great since a month or two.
There is a red speaker in the top right corner indicating there’s no sound.

TV and audio setup:
LG 1080p, 60hz through HDMI
Sound though HDMI. Set as default in OSMC (imx-hdmi-soc Analog) with 2.0 channel selected.

Tried to change through different video resolutions without any success. It’s strange since it’s been working fine since I got the Vero.

Any ideas?


Which Skin are you using? I assume this is just the sign that you muted the Vero. Just press Volume up and your sound

You’re right. Thanks.

I’m using confluence, I couldn’t unmute through the gui. Had to use android remote app Kore to fix it.


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