Vero/OSMC, high resolution audio & volumio

Hello folks, I’ve got a few questions concerning this new and probably amazing project …

Does the Vero support “high resolution” audio output (24 bit / 192 kHz)? Which audio outputs? I hope it’s not only HDMI.

Can I use volumio with OSMC or would I need an extra Raspberry Pi 2 for this purpose?

Vero/OSMC supports Apple Airplay™ (I read so on the landing page, just wanted to be sure it’s officially supported)?

And is there a way I can control OSMC from my MacBook Pro? volumio e.g. could be controlled via any MPD-client … though I doubt OSMC uses MPD for audio playback.

How is Spotify integrated into OSMC?

And the last questions: Which material is Vero and its remote made of and are there any high resolution photographs online?

This project could rock the media center/wireless audio world! : )