VERO OSMC Kodi and the IOS Kodi Remote app

I used to use Raspberry with this app and it worked great!.. I switched to the Vero and things work well but the probem I’m having is on the app… it controls the Vero fine I just can’t see any of the content.

I have a couple HDs connected and I can play and watch the movies I have on them but I can’t see any of them on the app… am I doing something wrong? is there something I need to allow in the software to get the data on the app? seems to me is should just read the files.


Without knowing the app you are using (I am using Yatse on Android) I would assume that the app only shows movies that are in the Library. So question is are your files scanned in the library or are you just watching them via Videos -> Files in OSMC?

Maybe that is the answer… I haven’t put them in the Library… I did it so long ago with the Raspberry Pi I don’t even remember… I’ll check that out and get back! Thanks