Vero+/OSMC mounted USB HDD access by other Pi

I have a pi set up that is trying to move files onto the HDD connected and mounted to my Vero+ box. The remote drive is effectively mounted on the Pi but it throws a write error for user “abc” every time I try to use its functionality. Any ideas?

Hi - do you know how you are sharing files between these devices?

I am using Radarr to scrobble and to manage my media files across my home network.

I have just realised, sorry, the OS is OMV on which Radarr is deployed in a Docker setup. I use rSync in OMV to duplicate/backup the media folders on the Vero connected HDD to which i would like to move the files.

I have sussed it out, its the cifs mounting in OMV that didn’t set permissions on the share allowing the user to read and write.

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