Vero OSMC Network File Setup Help Pls

Hey everyone- Just got my Vero in the mail. Apologies from the start, I’m a end user noob on all things coding, but have been using XBMC/Kodi for years and love it and have been a [financial] supporter for a long time. I’ve read a bunch of guides but none have provided enough info to help me figure this out.

The setup:
Windows 7 HTPC storing all files connected to the network (HPTC/D/Movies and HTPC/D/TV)
Vero connected to the network

I can’t figure out how to access my files through the Vero/OSMC options. I’ve typed the name of the path above when prompted but get an error suggesting the network is to blame. Under Add Videos -> Browse, when I hit NFS it says “busy” for a minute and then drops back to the menu without anything happening.

When I go through the Windows SMB route, I click through the folder network to D and get prompted for a username and password but from every setting in Windows I can find, there are no password requirements turned on. If that doesn’t matter, which username/password does it want me to use (have no idea what any of them are since they are not required).

Or if I’m going about this the wrong way, please point me in the right direction.

Thanks for the help!

NFS wont work unless you install a 3rd party NFS server on Windows.

SMB requires login credentials to connect - if you have username and password enabled for your Windows login you would use those.

If you don’t I’m not sure what you’d use, you could try guest for the username and an empty password, that might work.

When connecting to a Windows share I’ve always just used the same username and password I log into windows with.


Thanks for your reply.

I tried the guest and no pw combo with no luck, so I made a new user dedicated to the Vero on the host PC complete with it’s own password and used that to log into SMB that way which worked.

A friend recommended I try using my primary admin’s username with no password which I’ll try when I get my other Vero. Just food for thought in case anyone finds this in a search in the future.