Vero Pro

Im sure there are loads of reasons not to, but ill suggest it anyway. How about offering a Vero Pro product line at the more premium end of the market. This could offer higher specs, more premium materials and higher end remote. Could even use the same CPU for ease of maintance, with everything else bumped up slightly. Just a thought, im sure it doesnt make much business sense due to limited appeal.


If we kept the same SoC, I’m not sure what would be more premium / value add.

We have a roadmap, but we don’t plan to differentiate SKUs and have two Vero offerings.

I see your point. Nvidia do it with the shield, using the same chip, which was possibility where i got the thought.

Do you publish a hardware roadmap mow, i was under the impression you dont. Would be interested in seeing it if you do :slight_smile:

No – we don’t have a public hardware roadmap.