Vero problem starting after manual update

Today I did a manual update to get to RC2.
After some time, I got a brief error message (went away rather quickly), and later it announced that it would have to stop kodi (I think), and the screen went black.
For some time (more than 15min) I could still ‘talk’ to the system via SSH, but then that stopped, and nothing more happened,
After a good while, I pulled the power, and then powered up.
Now, I get the splash OSMC screen, and then no more until I log in via SSH and start the mediacentre (this happens now when I reboot or power down and power up).
I looked to see if I had /etc/systemd/system/, but it isn’t there.
I’ve no idea if that is the problem, or whether I have more corruption and need to do a fresh install.

Please paste your debug logs especially the APT logs and we should be able to tell from there what went wrong.

By the way if Kodi is not starting automatically but can be started manually you can fix this with:

sudo systemctl enable mediacenter

Well, that was fun -
I restarted (from shutdown) with debug on, used your command to set the link in place, started mediacentre, and then selected log uploader to upload all logs.
I didn’t see any url for posting here, so selected the option to save to SD card, but don’t know where they are now. I post them to pastebin.?

The save to SD card option saves the logs to the /boot partition, which is the fat32 partition if you have the card inserted in a PC.

You can paste it to our own pastebin like site here:

this is, I hope, the log

Yes that’s the correct logs thanks.

The only thing is I can’t really see anything thing wrong except that the process didn’t complete - possibly because you unplugged it. It stopped at the point where it was extracting Kodi. (vero-mediacenter-osmc)

There is a bug in earlier versions of the mediacenter package that can under obscure conditions cause the manual-update screen (the blue screen with the progress bar) to be blank during an upgrade - the upgrade still goes ahead but you won’t see anything until it finishes, but if you unplug it before finished it won’t complete, naturally.

That problem is fixed in the most recent update, ironically. To try to tidy up any incomplete upgrade process I’d suggest you run the following commands:

sudo dpkg --configure -a
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f dist-upgrade

That should re-do any part of the upgrade process that didn’t complete.

Also if you want to manually re-install the mediacenter package over the top (as it didn’t seem to complete last time) and the above lines don’t cause it to be re-installed you can do so like this:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install vero-mediacenter-osmc --reinstall

Kodi will shut down during this command so you will need to reboot after it is finished.

OK - thanks for the analysis. I’ll try what you suggested.
It’s a pity there isn’t anything to report progress - I really thought things must have finished, and it was shut down, as communication ceased.

If the screen went blank for more than a few seconds during upgrading then that’s a bug, not by design, and as I said I think we’ve solved that bug in the latest update.

Some updates will trigger a full reboot which will then show the OSMC splash screen before Kodi reloads - while some other updates do not require a reboot, in which case it will go directly from the blue progress screen back to Kodi. However it will never shut down after an update. (not purposely anyway - if it does, that is also a bug)

OK - done the suggested, except for the final command (as I saw it download and install a new version of the mediacentre package).
Seems to start properly after a shutdown now.

Note: I don’t know whether intended as part of the update to RC2, but my first attempt showed an altered /etc/samba/smb.conf. This didn’t happen again during the last attempt (a short while ago)

I’d have to check but I think there was a recent change to smb.conf, yes. It’s hard to be 100% sure but chances are very good your installation is fixed and up to date now.

There are generally 3 steps to upgrading each package - pre install/upgrade scripts are run (typically they stop services) then the new files are extracted and moved into place, then post install scripts are run. (which typically start/enable services etc)

In your case I suspect most/all of the packages had unpacked their files but we know for sure from the logs that some of the post-installation scripts had not run before it crashed/had the power pulled.

The dpkg command basically says - any packages that were extracted but didn’t have their post installation scripts run, run those scripts now to finish them off.

The apt command would have then attempted to reinstall any packages which had not even completed the extraction stage. So you should be good now - and hopefully if the root cause of your problem was the screen going blank during the upgrade process, that too should be fixed now with the most recent mediacenter update.

Ok, and thanks for the help.
I’ll keep an eye open for anything mising