[VERO] Remote control questions

Hi there. A few quick questions about Vero;

  1. I suppose the bundled remote is infrared? Not BT/radio?
  2. Hence it should be possible to use a universal remote like Logitech Harmony with Vero?
  3. Will it be possible to switch VERO on and off with the remote?

Switching the device on/off with the remote is what my current setup (XBMC on OUYA) is missing. I’d love the media centre to be 100% controllable with Logitech Harmony.

It’s an IR (RC5 based) remote

You can program a universal remote to use the OSMC keys. I’m happy to even give you the hex codes to help.

Vero can go into an extremely low power mode from the remote where it is safe to unplug it


Hello Sam,

I and so many others use a Logitech Harmony as universal remote control.
Will the Vero remote be available in the Harmony database ?


Hi Leon

I don’t know how to add it to the database, but I can give you the hex codes.


Is it possible to buy the remote separately?

Not at this time, I am trying to gauge interest to see if people would like to buy one. It seems there is quite a lot of interest but we have to buy large quantities.

Hello Sam,

I wrote in the Logitech support forums that you can do a request at datasupport@logitech.com.
I don’t no what the need for entering the remote in the database but I think you can deliver it.

greetz and thanks


Hi leurb,

Thanks. I’ll get that done today


The remote looks great, selling it seperatly would mean people like me (with own built HTPCs) could use it, which would be superb!

Yes, quite a lot of people are asking so I might consider a pre-order page for one. This would mean it would be about 3 weeks before you’d get your hands on one.

As a long-time xbmc user I’m considering on buying a Vero. If I understood that correctly, OSMC is an xmbc/kodi fork, so will I be able to control it using Yatse app on Android?
I’m using a projector, therefore all my devices are located behind me and most IR remotes are too weak.

thanks and regards, Lugi

OSMC is the operating system that runs Kodi. It is still Kodi underneath. We have added improvements and changes, but ensured complete compatibility with Kodi and its addons

The Yatse app will work. I have made sure our Vero remote is extremely sensitive so that may work as well

Let me know if you have any further questions


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so far, so good. thanks for the quick answer. Should any questions arise, I’ll post them in the appropriate thread.

cheers, Lugi

Hi, i have a logitech harmony touch. It has a built-in IR reciever, which can learn IR-Signals from unknown remotes

Really impressed with Vero, would love to get my harmony working with it, the myharmony software does not make this easy. Any way we can enable some other commands like the instructions at: OSMC Forums for crystalbuntu?


I am hoping to add a profile to it soon with the official remote codes. Need to contact Logitech


You mentioned in a previous post on this:
‘Vero can go into an extremely low power mode from the remote where it is safe to unplug it’

is there a button combination to do that or is it just from the menus?


I haven’t finalised it yet, but soon it will be available via Power -> Suspend. To get in to a safe to unplug state for now, go to Power -> Shut Down.


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just a quick note on the remote, you may want to make sure you have your battery ready as it doesn’t come with one. It requires battery CR2032


The remotes should come with batteries! I am very surprised yours did not.

Can anyone else please mention here if they don’t have a battery?