VERO remote for Cubox-i?

Hi, I just found out about this interesting device. I love the way the remote looks. I currently have a Cubox-i4Pro for my living room and want to buy one of these for the bedroom. My question is will the remote work with the Cubox since it has an IR receiver? Thanks


Yes – and I plan to sell the remote separately in a few weeks time for Raspberry Pi and CuBox-i users.


I have a flirc USB, maybe to send them the layout/codes…? :wink:

Another question, will the IR receiver on cubox-i1 can it be used with OSMC? for the vero remote?

Yes, the CuBox-i can use the Vero remote

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Hi Sam… i know you a busy these days :wink: but any news on the buying vero remote?..

It is on sale at


As the Vero Remote Config has already been created, and works so well on Vero/OSMC, as well as on my Pi2 units running OSMC, what is the simplist way for me to use one of my extra Vero remotes to control OpenElec running on a Cubox i4 pro? When OSMC is released for Cubox, I will install on my i4, till then I am using OpenElec.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

No idea about OE. Perhaps ask on their forum.