Vero remote lag

I have switched my remote to RC6 remote, which I have. Its no where near as sensitive as the osmc remote. I like the RC6 because of the added buttons like numbers to quick scroll and text entry. any ideas how to make it more responsive.

by un responsive i mean, that for ever 5 or 6 button presses it wont register one of them, or the very first one is missed.

Try fresh batteries, otherwise it’s a question of emitter strength in the remote

Same remote works fine with the ATV1, and my non vero devices, like tv, amp etc. Think its got to do w/ the GPIO IR recevier on the vero more than the remote. I also tried to original MCE remote, same behavior on Harmony and MCE remote.

If the OSMC remote is working normally it uses the same receiver

yes i know it uses the same receiver, the issues is with the lircd.conf (which is very similar to the default lircd.conf for mce remote) or I think its got to do w/ all-003-fix-repeat-timings.patch to kodi.

this doesn’t happen in other kodi’s and this is being done for a reason. I am running other kodi’s w/o this patch on atv1,zotac boxes with no issues with this remote. just a hunch

Can one of the dev’s please comment on what eventlircd does? I think this is introducing some delays?

without it, the remote is responsive but has the repeat issue, for which we I guess the eventlircd is helping. is possible to tune those delay parameters?