Vero remote stopped working

Hey guys,

as the title says my remote stopped working after about a year. I tried the steps suggested in the forum, replacing battery, re-pairing and having the vero shutdown and disconnected for longer than 2 minutes as well as connecting the dongle to another device. Didn’t help unfortunately.

Once I re-pair the device, doesn’t matter what platform (vero or win10 laptop) the remote seems to work for a while, but basically as soon as I stop using it for a few seconds, it is no longer working afterwards. Once there is no reaction from button presses, I can also observe that the blue LED on the remote is shining longer, than when the remote is working.

The more I tried the worst it got trying to re-pair the remote to the dongle. As of now it seems to me rather random when the remote successfully re-pairs with the dongle.

I attach the log, here. Sorry for the length, there seem to be a couple of reboots and tries in there. Anyway at shortly before 22:48:00 the remote stopped working again, after a successfull re-pairing.

Help would be appreciated.


EDIT: Also is it normal that the dongle seems to be rather hot, when it is removed from the vero?

Your log doesn’t seem to show any disconnects, which would be expected if the dongle is failing.

I would like to send you a new dongle, please email so we can get this sorted. You would then re-pair the remote with the new dongle.


Thank you very much. I will do that.


Is it normal, that the support has not responded in nearly a week?


No – that doesn’t sound right at all.

Can you let me know the ticket number?

I didn’t get a ticket number. Nor any response.


Oh, my bad. I wrote a mail directly, not via the ticket system.

I resent my email with the ticket system. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Well, I tried sending the mail through the ticket system, but that did not work. When I click send I only get a spinning circle and it does not continue, even after waiting a few minutes.

Will try again tomorrow.

Hey Sam,

I have a ticket number now, it’s ticket no. #912300.

I used different emails for the order and the forum account, maybe there was a mismatched problem, because of that. I changed it to the same email and the email I first sent showed up in the ticket system.

Hope that helps. And again sorry for the inconvenience.