Vero Remote stopped Working

Hey guys. My Vero remote stopped working. I’ve tried repairing it, rebooted my Vero Device. While pairing remote led didnot blink, it turns off after a while.

I’ve collected Debug-Logs (via ssh command grab-logs -A) the Link:

What else can I do?

Thanks for your time and help


Did you change the battery?

Yes i‘ve changed the battery

Your logs are not showing the USB dongle for the remote being plugged in. If it is connected I would suggest to try moving it to the other USB port and see if it registers there.

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I’ve tried this. Same behaviour. New Logs can be found here:

It isn’t showing up on that port either so I assume that means the dongle has developed a fault. I would suggest to send an email so with a link to this thread and your order number and they should be able to get you sorted.

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I’ll do this, thank you.

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