Vero rendering version string outside viewable area

On my rpi2 directly connected to TV it works,

But my Vero connected through denon x4000 to a Panasonic plasma shows the version string too far down on the my osmc page. Only like two pixel rows showing.


We will be moving this up a few pixels in the next version

CC @Karnage


Turn off overscan on your plasma. You’re cutting off the outside of the picture and degrading image quality because the picture is being blown up by the TV.

While we will be moving the version string in a little bit you really ought to get this setting fixed on your TV to give the best picture quality.

Overscan is disabled. I have to see if the receiver does something strange to the signal. Today when I checked the page rendered fine.

And after a reboot it looks like this:

I cannot find a setting in the receiver that would cause this, and overscan is disabled on the TV. The reciever reports 1080p/60 as the source signal.

Thank you for the tip about overscan. It seems like the Panasonic silently enables overscan sometimes, even when it is set to disabled.

I don’t know if it has to do with the picture mode (it was set to THX, and I tried to set it to professional 1 and disable overscan again.) hopefully it was the THX mode that did it.

FWIW, the OSMC screen on my Samsung UE55H6470 looks the same as orge’s. Overscan is deactivated as far as I can tell. I do not mind not seeing the version number, but a probably related issue is that autoscrolling does not work within OSMC, so for instance I cannot reach the OSMC settings (the viewable options are: video, music, images, my OSMC, favorites, programs). When hovering the mouse pointer over video, and in the menu that opens moving the mouse pointer below “files”, the menu scrolls up. However no matter how far up I then move the mouse pointer, the menu never moves down again. I guess that the autoscroll behavior uses the viewable area as a trigger, and that’s what causes the behavior.

These are not related. OSMC skin does not effectively support use of a mouse, including scrolling to the lower selections. If your screen has the version reporting cut off at the bottom like OP’s photo, this is an overscan issue, period. Most TV’s have some format selection that does not add overscan but the names used by different manufacturers are not uniform. Some TV’s provide no format that does not overscan.

thanks for the quick reply! I will try another skin, then.

However do note that I am using one of the best-selling TVs out there (on Amazon, all TVs Top 50, 55" TVs top 10), and using a fresh installation I cannot reach the settings dialog or shutdown OSMC. I am a tech savy user, so I find my ways around, but other users may be not so lucky. Isn’t there a way to detect or compensate overscan, or to provide an alternative way to access important functionality like settings and shutdown? Again, it’s not for me, it’s for newbie users :slight_smile:

Aspect ratio scanning is not related due to TV quality. You’re probably on ‘16:9’, when you should ideally be on ‘Just Scan’ or whatever Samsung call it. This gives you a 1:1 pixel mapping.


hi @sam_nazarko, thanks for the feedback. Indeed the TV defaults to 16:9. For the record, and in case someone searches and finds this thread, the following Samsung menu option makes the version number appear: Picture > Picture Size > Picture Size > Screen Fit

The scrolling issues persist (default skin, German localization), so @ActionA was right, that’s an unrelated issue. Since I cannot reach settings I’ll revert back to RaspBMC for now, but will happily check out the next update. Thanks for all your work!

What, you don’t have a USB keyboard you can connect to use the menus long enough to change to another Skin ?

Another option would be to use the web remote by browsing to the device’s IP address or hostname in your browser, for example:


For Panasonic Viera, the only mode that seems to disable overscan is Game mode. In this mode overscan stays off even when Vero is rebooted. All other modes restored overscan when Vero rebooted.

Hopefully this helps others with Panasonic plasmas.

not at the remote location where the box is. The web remote is a great idea, thanks for the hint!

@chwenz - I had the scrolling issue and reverted back to RaspBMC. I kept trying every few weeks hoping that a newer release of OSMC would help me. Eventually I found an answer in the forum that a mouse is not really supported. Confluence works fine - but if you can’t get to Settings to change it, then you’re stuck without a remote.

More details at:
Mouse discussion topic

It’s an unusual case to have a mouse as your only input method on Kodi without a keyboard or remote or some other device.

If that’s the case though you can still use the web interface to navigate enough to change to another skin. Certainly easier than reverting to Raspbmc :wink: