Vero shutting down when tv turned off

I have a Samsung UA46D600 smart TV and I am having trouble with the Vero shutting down after I turn the TV off. when I turn the tv on and select the HDMI port it was attached to I see a black screen with a lot of text listing stopping various function. I have the tv set to not auto turn off HDMI devices in the CEC settings and I have the Vero set not to shutdown when the TV turns off. I think I have done this properly I enabled debugging, turned the tv off and back on and after a necessary restart I uploaded the logs and got the URL: It used to not shut down and remain in my device list. I have tried changes to the CEC OSMC settings (action when TV turns off) but no option seems to help.

Well I am not an expert here, but it looks like you have configured your TV remote control via LIRC which means that all the keys you press on your TV remote are sent to OSMC including the power button. This is not related to CEC this is just plain infrared commands being picked up by yoru TV and the same time OSMC

11:20:26 T:1956859904 DEBUG: LIRC: Update - NEW at 92609:74 0 KEY_POWER linux-input-layer (KEY_POWER)
11:20:26 T:1956859904 DEBUG: OnKey: rewind (0xc4) pressed, action is ShutDown()

You did it! problem solved. Thanks very much