Vero stops playing in HDR (Problem with Emby)

Hi, Emby server updated to 3.6, and emby for kodi addon to 1.5, and now I can’t get any HDR movies to actually register as HDR. They play, but the screen will not switch to HDR mode.

Edit: It is also transcoding instead of Direct Play for some reason.

Sounds like something you should be addressing with Emby then?

Fix the server, then look at the client.

Well, the client is reporting incorrectly to Emby.


Well without complete logs we can’t tell if it might be the same as this issue Vero 4K stops playing new files - #2 by sam_nazarko

Emby 3.6.0 = Beta
Emby for Kodi 1.0.5 = Beta

The Client is Emby Kodi addon; it sync the catalogue and determines how the file is played back (i.e. direct play etc…). Since the thing you updated is Emby and it’s addon I would start there.

This is an issue with the add-on, not OSMC. We can’t fix it, but we can help Emby fix it.

If we are put in touch with Emby chaps, we can help present our capabilities to them. I suspect they currently have a blanket no HDR supported approach for Kodi systems.



I’m not home right now but that number didn’t look right, so I checked the Emby site. The stable Emby for Kodi add-on is currently on 3.0.34.

You’re right about Server 3.6.0 being beta.

Emby for Kodi beta repo is 1.0.5. My guess was OP meant 1.0.5 when he posted 1.5. Both Embycon and Emby for Kodi plugins have a version that nowhere resembles 1.5. Or with 1.5 he meant v3.1.15a which also is beta.

Excellent lateral thinking. You might just be right! :wink:

I used to work in support. I’ve learned to get into customer’s heads. In some of them there was lots of room. :laughing:

Support would be so much easier without those pesky “customers”.

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It was luckily fixed last night in updates, today updated everything again, wiped it all, it works again. Sorry to bother everyone.