Vero turns TV on

I’ve been playing with the AWX web interface and noticed at one point that the TV connected to my Vero was on and displaying the Vero main menu. It had been off. The only thing I can think of is that the Vero somehow turned the TV on, probably via HDMI-CEC. This isn’t exactly a complaint, but can someone explain to me what’s going on here and how to control it?

I know that my TV will automatically switch to my Google Chromecast input when I stream data to the Chromecast from my laptop, but I haven’t figured out how to do something similar with Vero. So far, the only way I know of to see the Vero screen is to manually change inputs on the TV. And as far as I know (although I haven’t tried it), the Chromecast won’t turn the TV on.

Does anyone have info on how Vero and the TV interact via CEC?

OK, so it appears that rebooting Vero (or just turning it on) will cause the TV to turn on, too, and switch its input to the Vero. I’m not sure I like this, as it seems it could cause the TV to turn on, for example, after a power outage ends. And if I’m away on a vacation, well…not too good. Can this be disabled?


Go into Settings->System->Input Devices->Peripherals->CEC and turn off “Make Kodi the active source when starting”.