Vero update

when was the last update for vero. I think mine says august 2017 will a new update be pushed when kodi 18 arrives thanks ?

Aren’t you long time enough on this forum to have seen the search function?

  1. Current version is October 2017 (so you are not on the latest version and should get an update when you search for it via MyOSMC)
  2. New update is delayed as the switch from Jessie to Stretch will be done but is expected in the next days
  3. Kodi 18 is still many months till release so not related to the upcoming update

Stretch update is supposed to be released today, no? Or did I miss some news?

There is still a bug that needs to be fixed before it can be released. If all goes well it will be today but it might be delayed by a bit.

Really? There was no announcement about this. I may have missed this in the testing thread though.

There is/was no announcements as people are still working hard to make it come as soon as possible. The bug only was only discovered after the stretch images were released

Thanks for the input.