Vero V 3D iso not working neither for NAS nor from disk

Hello everybody,

I’ve received my Vero V last Saturday. Made an Update right after unboxing. Did some testing and most of the functionms are working fine.
But 3D iso files are absolutely not workin for me neither for NAS nor from disk no matter what settings I use. Those iso’s work absolutely fine with my Dune 4k Solo.
I get hard crashes sometimes with console screen sometimes with a reboot.

Any idea what to do?

Many thanks


I would suggest posting some logs so we can see what the issue is


Hi Sam,

many thanks for your response, here you are: arayofilux
I’ve tried the Avatar.iso from USB disk and ended in a hard crash :frowning: with auto reboot .

Best regards

Seems a typo, no logs under that name

Sorry, arayofijux

Hi @michael5, that’s a known issue and will be fixed with the next update.

Ok, staying tuned!

It is fixed in Kodi v21 test builds.

Hi Sam, something I could already test? Where to download?
All the best

See [TESTING] Kodi v21 release builds

Morning everybody,
I can confirm that 3d iso are running fine with Kodiv21 IF “play main movie” is selected in settings otherwise the player will crash.
For other findings I will generate new forum posts.
All the best

If only the main movie is to be shown and not the menu before, it is not practical to use MKV MVC’s ?

There are quite some ISO’s which contain more material than the main movie e.g Pixar.
It would be fine if the BD menu would work.

Is it a BD-J menu? Did you install the Java Runtime Environment under App Store?

Hi Sam, yes I did.

The problem with BD-J menu support and 3d isos is, that the implementation in the libbluray 3rd party library that Kodi’s using is completely missing. That’s just not supported. Either you get the warning that the player doesn’t support 3d playback or you get hangs or crashes.

Understood. Unfortunately - is there any attempt to get it fixed?

Thanks for clarifying it’s a BD-J menu. We don’t have plans to support this due to the nature of BD-J.