Vero V and Kodi 21


I’m new user, waiting to receive my first OSMC device Vero V (waiting for postman ;), migrating from NVidia Shield Pro 2019.

My question is - is Kodi v21 supported? Can be updated manually and if yes how to do that. If it’s not supported, is it better to wait and it will be updated to v21 automatically whithin update procedure or I need to update manually? In case that v21 is not supported - can be updated anyway and in case of any problem is it possible to downgrade version?

Thank you for answers which are probably stupid for you OSMC guru guys…

PS. I intend to use Kodi as before - only to watch TV and listen music provided from NAS and other network storage… On NVidia 4k streaming was really problem - I hope that Vero V won’t have such problems (network is gigabit with optic connection with converter and EdgeRouter router).

Oh… and another question. Do anybody know if NVidia Shield 2019 Pro remote control will work if I try to pair with Vero V via BT?

We will release Kodi v20.5 shortly (next day or two).

Kodi v21 will then be made available on the forums shortly as test builds. We will officially release an update when Kodi v21.1 is released.

Not sure about the remote, I believe it’s been mentioned before. If it’s Bluetooth, it will work just fine.

Everything else should work just fine for you


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Any update when Kodi 20.5 will be released?

A few days :slight_smile:

Few days now become a few weeks? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Nope. It’s still on time.