Vero V and RF transmitter?


I currently use a RPi4b for OSMC, but I think about switching to a Vero V.
Currently, I need to use the GPIO to operate a RF transmitter to remote control things like power, my screen and lights via 433 MHz. Is it possible to use something like that on the Vero V as well? My routines are written in Bash and Python and I use a lib for Intertechno RF.


The Vero don’t have any kind of control interface like that so you would need a solution that would rely on things like CEC, Kodi add-ons that send out control commands, or some kind of USB IR transmitter that would be able to provide these functions.

Hm CEC doesnt work for that, as it is 433MHz RF and also not IR :slight_smile:

This is cheap and cheerful and should do it for you: This $8 USB Transceiver Can Add 433 MHz Device Support to your Home Automation Gateway - CNX Software

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Nice, thanks :slight_smile: Will give it a try then I guess.

You’re welcome - the Vero is meant to be a turnkey solution so I’m a bit anxious about exposing fiddly GPIO pins :laughing: