Vero V and widevine L1

Hi there,

first of all: Thanks Sam & Co. for your good work - I think it’s more than appreciable.
To support your work, I think about buying a Vero V, migrating from a raspi 4B. Although I need the GPIO headers of the raspi I think the Vero V is worth the invest and cross-linking it with a raspi is still an option.

My question is: Will the Vero V provide a deeper widevine integration than the raspi 4B?
That is, will it support widevine L1 on a hardware basis so that I can stream content in 4K, e.g. with an advanced Disney+ subscription?

Thanks in advance,

We have Widevine L1 and HDCP2 keys on the box and plan to do something with it in the near future.

But the first focus is DVTM support