Vero V as home server too?

Hi, I recently purchased the Vero V.

I currently run a debian headless home server on a x86 nas type box. I was planning to sell this, and use my older Vero 4K+ as a home server; though am wondering if the Vero V is capable of doing this as well as running kodi. (So I’m not running two boxes).

My home server needs aren’t too demanding. Attached 4TB drive for media and backups; software such as: Syncthing; Restic (for nightly backups to cloud); lighttpd (for webdav).

I have a couple of questions:

(1) I’m not clear when there’s a regular update to OSMC, what happens to other installed software and its configs?

(2) I’m aware there’s a element of risk associated with adding other software to OSMC regarding stability and more chance of crashes. It’ll be interesting to hear your thoughts.


All (debian) packages will also updated at same time. Configuration customization are normally kept.

As long as you install packages from the stable tree and they are not too demanding on memory you should be fine.

Should be fine – what do you plan to install?
In the worst case scenario you’ll earn yourself a reinstall

Hi Sam

At the moment, it would be:
Cryptsetup (to access a luks partition on external usb hd; not to encrypt OS!)
Lighttpd as webdav server, or Rclone if this can be used as webdav server

I would only fire up Restic at early hours when Kodi isn’t being used.

A question: I tried installing cryptsetup with command:
sudo apt-get install cryptsetup
Though it asked if I was root? Not experienced this before on debian. is this to be expected and I login as root to install?


What was the exact output?

I tried this again on a reinstalled osmc, and cryptsetup installation went fine. (Odd, I’m certain I originally had used the sudo command too, though never mind, as seems everything is fine).

In terms of other software, I’m assuming I should be ok.

My usual philosophy is to keep things separated, especially on a ‘domestic’ device such as a Vero, as family use it. Though I’m trying to simplify my tech life with the number of devices to maintain etc. Let’s see how things go!

Let us know how you get on.

You can also assume the root role with sudo -s