Vero V beeps upon tv turn on

Every time i use the home key to turn the Vero V on from standby,
The TV turns on and then the box gives out 3 ‘device connected’ type beeps.

This is very annoying.

The TV does not do this with other hdmi input.
and it did not do it with our Vero 4K

Any ideas?

No clue . What’s the make and model of TV? Does it happen if the device is rebooting?

Your TV beeps when it switches inputs or Kodi is sending the beep to the TV? I’ve never heard of either. The Home button when pressed on the home window is just programed to have Kodi send a “CECActivateSource” action. If configured in Kodi’s settings>system>input>peripherals>CEC adapter> Kodi can also send a request on the CEC bus to turn on the TV and/or amplifier device. None of this has changed recently and the Vero V performs the exact same actions as the Vero 4K’s. Are you maybe running a different skin than you were before and that is where the sound is coming from?