Vero V CEC fails to start

I did but it made no difference; however, I swapped over the inputs and then CEC for the BluRay stopped working, swapped back and now it doesn’t work on anything. I think CEC was dying on this set and the update was just coincidence at the time, and now it’s died altogether - I’ll try the Vero on my other TV, if it’s working there then it’s clearly not the Vero

Trying on another TV would be useful, I think I can see the problem though and will update shortly. Just want to test something here.

I had time to test with my other TV this morning - and CEC works just fine there.

Moved it back to my TV upstairs, and to my surprise it’s now working there also, plus the BluRay player is back to working on CEC too - so possibly there’s a developing fault with the set unless somehow the CEC bus was conflicted or something.

I’m happy to upload more logs if that may help, but as it stands everything is working fine - thank you for your time :blush: