Vero V constantly crashing and rebooting

My V has been stable until recently, but is suddenly rebooting itself multiple times when playing videos, music, and streaming apps. Log is here


Nothing obvious in the logs – but I can see that your system had only been booted for 45 seconds; which wouldn’t show much.

Is the system actually restarting – or is Kodi just crashing and re-launching?

The last reboot command should allow us to see when the last reboots occurred and potentially give a clue about the cause if they’re happening at regular timeframes.

It crashes with the sad face icon and reboots, often 3 or so times in a row before it re-launches correctly. I thought the uploaded log would include the .old log too, but have that. Where do I need to execute the last reboot command, thanks Sam.

Edit: On checking again now, it crashes on playing, restarts and loads into OSMC for about 45 seconds, then crashes and restarts again, then stays loaded the second time. Repeating the same steps, it then does this each time repeatably.

If it’s Kodi crashing and not OSMC rebooting, I just need the Kodi logs showing the crash

It is definitely rebooting, as the device’s blue LED comes on when rebooting, and the chip logo and startup code appear briefly each restart. I will try and grab the logs, but is difficult as the reboots are overwriting the old log before I can get to grab it.

Thanks for clarifying.

Is it possible for you to reinstall OSMC?


Yes, I can take a backup and attempt that and advise.

Edit: Reinstalled now and restored backup, will monitor and advise.

At this stage, I can confirm reinstall from fresh image file and then restore of previous backup seems to be working after a couple of days of testing, thanks Sam et al. Consider solved, will re-open if needed etc.

Glad to hear!