Vero V does not boot from SD card

Hi there, I received my Vero V approx. 2 weeks ago (also in Germany). It works well, so no indication of a general quality problem in my experience.

I succeeded in imaging the eMMC (/dev/mmcblk0) with dd. Then I wanted to boot the box off an SD card and experienced that only the official installer works from the SD card. Well, I think that’s by design, the EMMC seems to be much better in performance than an SD card. Have not tried yet to restore the image file back to the eMMC.

Moved your post as it’s not Vero 4k. Why do you need to boot from SD and why do you need to restore the emmc?

I’m a maker migrating from raspi 4b to Vero V. That is, I did a lot of scripting and electronics around the home theater core system, in order to control the lights in the room, the NAS, audio, the LAN, LEDs, infrared sensors & emitters etc. I connected the Vero V with a raspi pico so that I can control all those things via USB (leaving the actual GPIO to the raspi pico). As I invested a lot of effort, I would like to save my entire software setup by imaging the eMMC.
That is one of the main reasons why I chose OSMC - I have a Debian-based distro that I can customize to my liking.

If you don’t want to change the kernel, why not just do a file by file backup? [How to] Make periodic backups of whole OSMC system

Vero V won’t boot from an SD containing a cloned emmc, however you managed to clone it. The partitioning will be all wrong.

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Thanks for the hint. I already have a script very similar to yours, synching my custom files via rsync. The image file would have been another layer of “backup security”. I considered booting another live OS from the SD card to be able to save and restore the eMMC image while OSMC is not running.
But nevermind, I think the available options are sufficient for my purposes.

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