Vero V does not start

I received the Vero V and have updated the software. After that, when I restarted it, it was just showing the SOC logo. Is there a solution?


Did it remain on a SOC logo or did it move on to a blank screen?

Regards Tom.

I assume it started before – hence you were able to update it.

You could reinstall OSMC from Download - OSMC. See Reinstalling OSMC - Vero V - OSMC

I reinstalled and the problem was resolved. Thank you for your support.

Glad to hear this. Let’s keep an eye on things. Did you customise your device significantly?

I didn’t customize it.


Let’s keep an eye on things.


@sam_nazarko Just jumping in on this as it is similar situation. Would not boot after first power up, so completed the action in the resinstall and it results in this:

I have tired redownloading the image onto different media and it is always the same.

Here are the install logs: Wed Jan 1 00:00:09 2020 Starting OSMC installerWed Jan 1 00:00:10 2020 Detecti -

I don’t think it’s the same situation

I can see however that the installation fails because the USB or SD card you are installing from has a corrupt filesystem:

Wed Jan 1 00:01:14 2020 Extracting from /mnt/boot/filesystem.tar.xz
Wed Jan 1 00:01:27 2020 Halting Install. Error message was: tar: corrupted data

I suggest re-imaging the reinstallation media on another device.