Vero V doesn't ship with fdisk?

Was trying to do some formatting of a new drive and the V didn’t have fdisk installed.
If memory serves me right, the 4K+ had fdisk out the gat right?
This was easily remedied with a simple sudo apt-get install fdisk but I was very surprised that the distro would be lacking such a staple as fdisk.
Is this by design?

I’m only mentioning a thouht I had, it’s NOT an official stand:

Vero product line is made as a “Good Player”, users with “no linux experence” can use and and often master it. As a bonus, people gets “invited to shell” and get more familiar with a non-gui.

To have “nuke tools” like fdkisk in a tailored enviroment, where the “majorioty of users” would not know how to use it. But where user that know how to use it, almost gouarenteed, know how to install it too.

Then it’s just a “feature”, if you know how you are wlecome to doo. If not, you don’t have to worry about it =)

Yeah, and I total get your point.
I just could have sworn that the 4K+ came with it.

As a counter point, I would say that anyone who knows how to SSH into their Vero and send commands is probably in the same realm as one who can responsibly execute fdisk.
It’s not like you could use fdisk from the Vero remote or something.

Either way is no big deal.
I curious what @sam_nazarko says.
I wonder if that’s an OSMC decision or if that is just the new thing for Linux distros.

I get that you looked for an “official”, that’s why I remarked mine as “not official”. I’m unsure about fdisk installed by default, might have been back pre-buster. Eg. early in Vero4k history, pre +.

The idea is to keep the OSMC system as minimal as possible. It’s rare for users to format a drive on OSMC and if they did so, I’d recommend using parted over fdisk.

We haven’t shipped fdisk out of the box in the past and the Vero 4K and Vero V will have the same utilities installed by default. You will need to install fdisk via the command line.

Thanks for the replies guys!

@sam_nazarko, why do you recommend parted over fdisk?

I’ve just found it a bit more flexible for manipulating GPT partitions.

Of course it’s just my own preference…

But it dates back to the Apple TV days.

gdisk is also your friend here. I tend to prefer it over parted as parted has a real bad CLIUI (It won’t provide you immediate help. You always have to call the help page to get details). In gdisk, you have the help straight while using it, and it handles GPT partitions just fine, and also helps you manipulate these easily.

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