Vero V external HDD power consumption

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I just got two new Vero V-s last week, and I got to say thank you first, I absolutely adore them. One thing I’m not sure of, I had a 2TB Samung M3 portable attached to one of them directly, without external power supply, so it was getting the juice from the Vero, and yesterday night the Vero frooze 2 times in a row completely. I immediately started to suspect that it is a power issue (since I had similar issues with the Vero 4k), and added external power to the HDD. Now everything seems to be working fine at the moment, but I must add that the Vero V was working just fine for a couple of days without the external power, the issue only occured yesterday.

I just want to ask, since on the webpage it says “With USB3, you’ll be able to get blazing fast speeds and power most hard drives without an external power supply.”, do you think it’s a valid guess that it was indeed an issue with the power supply, or the Vero V should be able to handle on its own a 2TB external HDD without any problem.
(Little sidenote, I’m thinking about upgrading to 4TB, but if 2TB should be fine, and 4 isn’t, I might just keep the smaller.)
An educated guess is good enough to convince me :slight_smile: ,but I can send more info if you want me to.

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The USB3 port is able to provide 0.9A, as opposed to the USB2 port which can only provide 0.5a.

If you only have this USB drive connected and nothing else, there should be enough headroom with the supplied power supply.

However it’s possible this drive wants more than 0.9A. The power specifications should be written on the drive itself. It’s not always correlated to capacity, but also spin speeds (5400vs7200rpm) for example and density. I’d suspect 2TB and 4TB drives to have very similar power ratings.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the quick reply. I find no information regarding my HDD’s needs, neither on the drive itself nor on the internet. I only have this one connected, it’s 5400rpm, so I guess it should be fine. I might do a bit of testing with it in the future, if the issue reoccurs.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your guidance!
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If you have a link to the drive I am sure we can pull up the specs from somewhere.

Model number is HX-M201TCB/G

Amazon 1TB option from the same model

Should be this drive inside. So potential 2 Watt power usage that should be all in the limits of 0.9A unless the electronics of the interface eat so much more power.

You missed the 1000 mA startup current spec :wink:

Although I doubt that would be the issue regardless if it is just a single drive plugged into the USB 3 port. Regarding the upgrade to a 4TB drive IMO unless you really need the smaller form factor you would be better off with a self powered 3.5" external drive. The cost per TB can be much lower and they tend to last longer.

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