Vero V high CPU load for kodi.bin

Hi again team ;>

I wanted to know if that is normal that the Vero V has such a high CPU load according to “top”.
Right after a mediacenter restart it consumes 160% - 240% for around 4-5 minutes. Then it drops to 60-66% still and stays there. I dont have any scrapers running on startup, they are only started by hand from me, once needed.
Is there a way to find out, what that kodi.bin from top is doing in idle mode while nothing plays and why the usage is so high?
Or is this normal behaviour?

Here is a full debug log, I posted couple of days ago (Vero V and Dolby TrueHD/DTS HD Master issue - #4 by morti), but there I already mentioned the high CPU load:

/EDIT, added htop sreen:

Which skin do you use and which screen are you on. Any screen with constant changes (e.g. scrolling text) will use the CPU quite heavily for the redrawing.
My Kodi.bin in idle uses around 4% CPU, but also be careful the % is related to the speed of the CPU. If the powesave governer is active and the speed of the CPU is low the % will go up.

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I am using confluence ever since ;>
As you write scrolling text … I have an RSS feed running on the splash screen, which shows news. Is that considered as rolling as well? I can try disabling it and see, if that changes the load.

/edit: disabled RSS and CPU usage drops to 8-15% … wow RSS is intensive :slight_smile:

You wrote about powersave governer, just for my reference: where do I find out on Vero V is that one is active?

From a quick look, it looks like it’s your IPTV EPG that also takes a lot of CPU…

Ah that one most likely runs during mediacenter start yes and downloads the epg data and compiles the file. Once OSMC is running, it does this every 48hrs. Might explain the higher load directly after mediacenter start. I am using easyepg lite, which is controlled through its webserver on port 4000.

Well anything that change any part of the screen will require a redraw of the screen which cost you CPU.