Vero V - how to avoid power off

Hi, I have the Vero V connected to a TV and receiver. I control the Vero over the TV remote, so HDMI-CEC is working. However sometimes Imy Vero goes off ( I quests by switching TV off or maybe bi internal timer) and the only way after TV is on to power Vero it ON is to plug and unplugged the power. Is there a way to block Vero to being powered off anyhow or going into power off mode? There is no way to power vero on except of power restore?Thank you


I changed some default CEC Behaviour settings today for the next update.

See [package] [mediacenter-osmc] Improve CEC behaviour further: do not su… · osmc/osmc@25cf369 · GitHub

You could change the behaviour under Settings → Input → Peripherals → CEC.

You want to change it from ‘Shut Down’ to ‘Ignore’ (when the TV is turned off)