Vero V issues

I just got my Vero V and after updating, with File Manager I copied a backup of settings of my Vero 4+ from my NAS to the Vero V /tmp, and restored that backup of settings. That seemed to go well. That’s all I did, but now File Manager immediately shows a black screen with white animated OSMC logo which stays there.
Power cycle is the only way to resolve.

I have no idea why this is happening and can only think of restoring factory settings and trying again, which presumably will get me the same result. I’ll update with the result here,

With out logs, here is just a guess:

Somehow file manager tries to reconnect to a non existant source/folder on opening?

It’s past 11pm here, so I just briefly checked the log. But just quickly viewing that log, there is some issues with a nfs mount, and I do belive filemanager is trying to resolve that nfs mount when you are starting it, to make sure the source is good.

I see permission error on nfs mount and there are some other errors in the log, mostly from an pvr addon, but i saw some videofile comming from nfs mount that had issues to.

Hope that is a quick indication for you.

Never mind, thanks for looking. I started over without the restore of the backup.