Vero V just arrived!

With unrestrained glee I unboxed and hooked up my new Vero V just now. Slick looking unit! Blazingly fast.

Minor initial issue: there don’t appear to be any Kodi repositories loaded by default, not even the standard Kodi one. Attempts to browse give the error “could not connect to the Kodi repository”.

This isn’t a networking issue; I already downloaded the latest OSMC updates and they installed without issue, so external connectivity has to be working.

Any ideas? I have to try this new Vero with some of the more demanding skins and integrate it with my Plex, none of which can be done without repository access.


Go to settings>add-ons> and then open the side menu and select the check for updates option.

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Tried that. No effect.

Sorry if I appear short - just woke up (4.30AM), need to catch a flight, will be polite and apologetic later, for now goal is to fix the issue.



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