VERO V Network Problem

Hi Sam,

There is a problem with VERO V network settings (but only sometimes). When I am in network setting menu I cant go back with Exit butto (it doesnt work) and with any other method (with remote or network remote). I need to ssh and reboot or power off device.

I try to paste log file next time it occur.

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Are you using the original remote?

Pressing back works here.


TV remote, original remote and android Yatse app. Nothing works but only sometimes.

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Can you show a small video of the problem?

I can provide an upload link


Hi Sam,

Next time problem occurs. Ok?

It is not so important.

The bigger problem is CEC ( I wrote about this on another topic)

Another issue: After power plug and restart VERO V (after system hangs during network streaming) system changes Language to English from Polish. Nothing annoing but I only want to inform.

Using Vero V for couple of weeks I need to say that it has a lot more bugs than Vero 4k. But I am convinced that this situation gonna change in near future.

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The software stack on the 4K/4K+ and V are the same, so any issues should be identical on both platforms.

Regarding the language issue - you may have that option enabled in the CEC settings and could turn that off.


Hi Sam,

Another weird thing is that at every hard restart of VERO V - Transmission storage settings (path where to download files) are resetting to default.


It may be better to start a new topic for your transmission issue, it just makes it more visible to people who may have seen the issue before.

Just out of interest how are setting the storage path (post here or in the topic, if in new topic please quote my question)?

Regards Tom.