Vero V - playback issues with old formats and SW decoder

I’ve noticed a playback issue on my Vero V - which affects only old files, where SW decoder is used.
It’s either dropping frames or playing with wrong timing - in result playback is clearly not smooth.

For example old AVI files, SD resolution, decoder used ff-mpeg4 (SW)
CPU usage is normal - usually max 15% on each core
and I remember that when I got Vero V it was fine (same on my old Vero 4k) - so it must me something in one of the updates
I don’t play files like that often - so I don’t know when it started

any ideas how to solve it? or how to diagnose it to report it properly?

thank you!

Is there a reason to use SW playback? Does it work with HW decoding?

Apart from that, mediainfo for the affected files and debug logs would help.

I guess it does not work on HW - because it’s on SW. I have not done anything - this is what OSMC selected.
I’ll work on the logs

Logs and MediaInfo should be quite useful

I am experiencing the same issue

I could only get rid of the frame skipping by whitelisting 576p/50 but that introduces other problems concerning the aspect ratio and i assume also with higher resolution content at the same refresh rate

tried all 3 builds available through the installer

Media Info is reporting 122Mb/s as the bitrate for that SD MPEG2 video - that can’t be right can it?

(DVD Video maxes out at below 10Mb/s - and broadcast quality 4:2:2 I-Frame only IMX50/D10 is only 50Mb/s)

Could just be a file authoring funny and not relevant of course. How big is the file and how long?

Also is it “Musikvideos/Genesis/The Video Show/VIDEO_TS” that you are having issues playing? (It looks like the log is for replay of more than one clip)

If that mediainfo is correct (1GiB for a 1 - minute clip!!) then it’s not surprising you can’t convert from 576p to 1080p60 in software.

As for the aspect ratio, try Settings->Player->Videos->Display 4:3 videos as->Use HDMI AVI signalling.

That is the DVD that i played. I took the VTS_01_1.VOB as a sample for mediainfo, the file is 1GB and around 20min long.
I noticed that if i play the file directly the hw-decoder is used but not if i play the same section using VIDEO_TS.IFO. I probably will not investigate this further as i figured that the mpeg2 hw-decoder has problems with playing some DVDs anyways.

That fixed aspect ratio problems with 4/3 DVDs but also let 16/9 DVDs play as 4/3.

You may have to play with the settings on your TV as well. They are all different in the options and logic they apply in my experience.

That’s a surprise. What sort of problems?

Menus showing no picture even though sound is playing and after selecting a menu option osmc crashes.

That sounds very odd for that resolution

Haven’t seen this one.

6.6Mb/s by my back of envelope calculations ? That’s in-spec for DVD - and full-capacity VOBs are usually around 1GB.

1GB = 8 Gb and if that is 8Gb/20mins = 8Gb/1200 seconds = 6.6Mb/s?