Vero V + Plex = buffering, Vero 4k + Plex was perfect

I just setup my Vero V last night, very quick setup but Plex is a buffering mess where my Vero 4k is perfect in playback even the most demanding 4k HDR bit rates.

I know I’ll need to go through settings again to make sure everything is setup correctly but on first impressions that was pretty worrisome.

The Vero V I have it setup in the exact same place as my Vero 4k+ connecting to the same network.

Before I go down the Rabbit hole of troubleshooting does anyone else have this issue with the Vero V?

Any quick things I can check?

Maybe something changed in the network, we suggest to check your network with iperf3. Please read this howto

Did you restore a backup from Vero 4K / 4K + to the Vero V?

Are both devices on the same version of OSMC?

Are you using WiFi or Ethernet? If WiFi, are the devices in the same place?

As I am sure you can understand, we need more information to determine what’s going on. Some logs would be useful.

I don’t think anything changed on the network, what I did was un plug my Vero 4K, plugged in my Vero V to the same inputs connected it to the same wifi SSID and setup it up and got buffering.

Once I got buffering I unplugged the Vero V plugged the Vero 4k+ back in and got no buffering on Plex.

So a literal hot swap of units on the same input and connected to the same wifi network produced these results.

I’m not exaggerating when I say the Vero 4K + played everything I had in Plex regardless of codec/bit rate perfectly for years. so I know my network and Plex server is up to snuff as I just want the Vero V to have a similar experience.

But I do know I need to double check settings, just wondering if anyone else had the same experience with the V

No reports so far…

No restore, just configured the audio codec settings and installed Plex from the repository and made sure and turned on allow X265 on the plex client.

I’m using wifi, the same wifi SSID that my 4K+ works perfectly on, the devices are in the exact same place.

I’ll do more troubleshooting over the weekend but these are my first experiences with the V

I also updated the V to the latest version in the update settings

Without logs, it’s hard to advise.

Was that off before?

Both 4K+ and V can decode HEVC. If it was off before, try turning it back off. Ideally you want to change as little as possible to rule out a number of variables.

You could also try playing back a file from NAS or run an iperf test to rule out a network issue or a file locally to rule out playback issues. Then that would narrow things down.

If you want things to be identical to the 4K/4K+ setup, you could do a backup on that device (assuming it’s up to date) and restore on the Vero V.

On the plex settings “allow X265” is off by default, if left off it tries to transcode X265, it’s just one of the things I know to look for when setting up plex on the Vero’s.

I only use the Vero for Plex playback, nothing else and the 4k+ worked perfectly for that. Hopefully I’m just missing something easy in the setup, I’ll post when I’ve had more time to play with it, If their is no known issues with Plex and the V I’ll keep messing with it.

It will just be something software related for sure. I’m sure we can get you up and running promptly.

Have you checked your Plex dashboard during playback to make sure it isn’t still transcoding? In your settings have you made sure quality is set to original and allowed direct play and 4K in addition to HEVC? If it for some reason is having issues looping through the internet and therefore using the remote settings you can try enabling the allowing insecure on LAN option.

I’m currently playing a 53GB 4K HDR movie using the Plex add-on from the Kodi repository and it is working perfectly.

I’m sure I have a very different setup to the Op, but just to report that I am using the Vero V with the PlexKodiConnect plugin. I use direct paths with an NFS connection and playback has been flawless on the Vero V.

All my devices are connected via Ethernet, not via Wifi.

Happy to assist in troubleshooting Op where I can, but wish to call out that I’m no expert.


Due to the holidays I may not be able to get back to troubleshooting my issues for a week or so. Right now my Vero 4k+ works great so I’m still using that until I get the Vero V working correctly.