Vero V Question

Love the 4k Vero, surprised there’s a new Vero V.

Is the V fan able to cool down cpu better than 4k? and is there a reason there’s still no on and off switch? Is it 2 or 3 usb port? seeing only 2 on photos provided? and I assume it can support the 22 tb wd usb hdd?

Looks like I need to save up for this!


Neither the 4K or the V has a fan and the temperature they run are similar I think. Not having an on/off switch is common for this type of device. Do you find an actual on/off switch on any modern TV, Blu-ray player, FireTV, Apple TV, etc.? Most people don’t want to boot a computer to watch some TV or a movie. There is a single external USB 2 and a single external USB 3 port and the remote dongle is internal so it doesn’t take up either unlike the previous model. AFAIK that WD hard drive acts just like any other hard drive does so it shouldn’t pose a problem. For additional information I would point you to the Vero V section of the OSMC wiki…