Vero V questions

Pondering the Vero V for the Dolby vision support, few questions.

1 Can you transfer settings from the Vero 4k+ to the Vero V ?

2 I have had IR remote issues, that got very bad with the recent update,

Have these been resolved

3 Anyone comment about how good Dolby Vision is

4 I see the Vero V has RF remote support. My remotes are URC MX950 and MX980, both of which have RF ability, I use this to send commands to an IR basestation, can the Vero V work with these in RF mode ?

This is the base station


  1. Yes.
  2. Not sure what you mean. OSMC’s RF remote isn’t showing any issues generally and I can’t see what if any issues you are having with IR (once the settings were restored).
  3. There have been some positive reviews in here, and I haven’t seen any negative comments.
  4. Your RF system is incompatible with OSMC’s remotes and doesn’t seem to be designed to talk direct to devices - only through IR. Or is there a dongle for direct comms, maybe?

Thanks for the reply.

  1. I am OK now with the Vero 4k+ on the previous update, but am trying to find out if the problem will reappear if I move to the Vero V ?

  2. The remote sends RF to the base station which then sends IR out. I was trying to find out if the Vero V would understand the RF from the remote ?

Which problem? If you just lost your settings, that would need to be investigated but there’s no reason why Vero V would be any different from Vero 4k.

No it won’t. They use different RF frequencies and protocols.

The remote control IRQ issue with the 4K I’m not seeing with the V using IR but I believe Sam said that could fixed with a software update. As I think I had stated in the other thread testing IR on the V the RF worked fine other than needing to be pointed pretty deliberately at the front of the device. If your going to use your fancy IR remote on a V and you want the best experience possible I still recommend a FLIRC USB IR receiver. I use them on all my OSMC boxes that I use IR remotes with including the Vero V that is my primary player.

Are you referring here to just having to select the remote control profile again after restoring from backup? If so this is expected as that isn’t something that is currently being backed up.

No, the issues with IR remote is an issue since the latest update,
a) Home no longer wakes the Vero 4k+. Before the update this was not an issue.
b) SOME vide files stop the Vero responding to the remote (before the update they were a bit sluggish - needed a couple of presses, but that was livable with.

Sam as confirmed its a problem, so I was concerned it would exits on Vero V

Inside the time frame I was posting in that thread I had unplugged my FLIRC and ran my IR remote from the built-in receiver of my Vero V (using a Harmony remote programmed to send Xbox 360 codes). I ran it like this for 4-5 hours of TV watching including periodic unnecessary navigation inside and outside of active playback to see if I could spot any issues. I didn’t find any issues with missed button presses or anything acting different during playback.

Thats really helpful thanks. Only some video files trigger the issue (I would guess it depends how much CPU they need for processing ?)

If you are able to suspend the vero then see if MENU or HOME sent via IR work to wake it up they would be good to know, because it will not since the update and does not depend on any video files.

Those are not specific IR codes. It would depend on your keymap.

I will give you a more detailed response shortly


Finally a bit of time to give you a proper response to everything – although almost everything has been covered for you already.

As summarised, you can back everything up and restore it from a Vero 4K + device without an issue.

OSMC’s internal remote receiver is RF based but it is to be used for the supplied remote receiver only. The IR receiver however remains the same as the Vero 4K/4K+ receiver and can be used for other remotes.

Regarding your IR remote issues. We need a bit more information.

You stated that you rolled back. Did this fix the Home and Menu button behaviour?

This chap did:

I would recommend upgrading, even if you have some remote issues. Vero 4K / 4K + will soon be reaching its end of life. If you like the product, we like you too and we’d like to keep you :slight_smile:

We are aware of some IR performance issues, but we will fix them.
These issues won’t be worse than on the Vero 4K / 4K +.

If the last update was problematic for you, you could downgrade your Vero V to the previous version as well.

I’d prefer to try and resolve your issues for you (specifically the use of the Menu and Home) buttons so we have that ready for you when you move to Vero V. I am assuming these buttons have stopped working altogether and are not affected by playback which is a separate issue