Vero V - Remote and DVB-C/T Adapter


I am very interested in the Vero V.
Before I buy the device, however, I have the following questions:

  1. is there a compatible alternative remote control with a numeric keypad (e.g. one like this:

  2. how big is the DVB-C/T2 dongle that you can also get? does anyone have a size comparison?

Many thanks for your help.
An answer to the questions would help me a lot with my decision.

Best regards

Why would you need a numeric pad? Not sure about the use for Kodi. Normally it is cursor or alphabetical keyboard most help.
Generally on remotes for Vero:

  1. You can use your TV remote via CEC that should give you cursor keys, numeric pad (inclusive of alphabetical emulation)
  2. You could use IR or Bluetooth Remotes. Generally all of them work you just would need to configure the Vero for their codes.
  3. Any remotes that come with their own dongle that emulate a keyboard will work. E.g. Rii Mini i25
  4. You can use the Yatse Application on Android phones (or comparable ones on IPhone.

Thank you very much for your answer.
Of course you are right. I hadn’t thought about CEC at all.
That’s solved!

Does anyone have any experience with the DVB-C/T2 dongle?

What do you want to know about the dongle? Just the dimensions?

Yes, just the dimensions.
I also have the following questions:
Does it work without much configuration effort and also with KODI?
Is there a specific TV software (app) that is recommended and can start automatically after booting up/ switching on the device?

You would install the TVHeadend application from the App Store. Then add your channels via the web interface on your PC or tablet. It is then ready to go.

Thank you!
Do you have also the dimensions of the dongle?

Which Kodi version does OSMC use on the Vero V?
Can I update the Kodi version?

I will get the dimensions later.

Current stable version is v20, with v21 due shortly. You can of course update to v21 manually.

See here

OSMC dongle is 28mm x 75mm (90mm including the USB plug). I recommend a short USB male-female tail to avoid strain on the connections.

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