Vero V & SSD


Looking to increase my download speed where disk speed seems to be the bottleneck. Would I see much of a speed increase using a SSD via the usb 3.0 port. I already have 6 drives attached via the same port on a powered hub, if that has any bearing.


How do you intend to format the drive? If you will format it as ext4, then you should see significant speed improvements


Hi Sam,

Yes, I guess I’d use ext4. I’d probably have 2x: 1 for downloading and an other for unpacking. The number of drives on one port won’t be an issue?

Your connected to a single port/bus so its speed is going to be shared, and therefore capped below an overall max transfer speed. What I mean by this is if you were using a typical PC that has multiple USB ports that are independant and you plug in two drives directly to these ports, when you transfer from one to the other then this can happen at the full speed of the bus or the slowest drive. However if you plug both these drives into a hub then it is going to be more of a one then the other back and forth type of thing. I don’t see where a SSD is going to significantly alter the slowdown of a shared bus outside of just making whatever r/w its doing happen faster and therefore take less of a time slice.

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