Vero V unresponsible

After idle time and after turning TV back on many times happen that Vero V become unresponsible. So only solution is to unplug power and plug it back.

I hope that you find solution for my problem for future upcoming update.


Does the problem stop if you switch your screensaver to dim?

Must try it… Will report it back…

Unresponsive in which way? Is a picture shown? How are you trying to control the Vero? CEC reomote or Vero Remote.

Picture of Kodi is shown… using Vero V original remote. After few clicks on remote it stop responding… And it do not resolve back (once I wait for 5min), so after reboot it is working back.

TV is Samsung and has AnyNet+ enabled, if this is somehow important.

Ok, try the screensaver change first and then we check further

After few days it seems that screensaver was problem.

When changed to the dim screensaver unresponsive error is gone.

How to solve that picture screensaver would work. Can be the problem SMB location path? Would be better to use network NFS storage for picture screensaver?

Hmm… today I came home… TV was ON on another HDMI input (TV)… Then I change HDMI input to Vero V device and nothing happen. Then I powered on Vero V device with remote and still nothing happened.

Then I unplug Vero V device and plug power back and device powered ON…

So still something is not OK… standby mode maybe?

PS. Currently screensaver is set to dim…

Are these those logs are covering the time period in which the situation happened? The Kodi old log shows it booting up just before 11pm and appears to show a manual reboot just after midnight. Do you think that maybe in this case you just had a power outage or brownout and that is why the TV turned on?

As for the picture screensaver I noticed that it was running as part of one of the last messages to be logged and the picture screensaver has been known to be problematic for some people. I honestly have never really looked into the why or the possible solutions to fix it. If you are particularly keen to use it you might do some digging around various Kodi forums to see what you could find in relation to the topic.

I suggest you try in that situation to check the Web interface of the Vero

OK… also… will try next time ping and SSH… will report…