Vero Virgin..Some questions

Hi guys, slowly getting the hang of things. a few things i would greatly appreciate some help with are:

  1. where is the remove source option for media? i have added a folder from my hard drive connected directly to the Vero. but i cannot find the remove source option anywhere?
  2. Will any Bluetooth keyboard work with Vero in order to make setting up add-ons etc less of a hassle. Will the mouse function work on said keyboard?
    3)Again, where is the uninstall add-on option. i have added various subtitle add-ons to see which works best and would like to remove the unsuccessful applicants
  3. Is there anyway to wake the Vero with the remote. The missus likes things turned off at night, and although i know it basically is off when it sleeps, i have to have the red light showing. be great to get the blue light back with the remote rather than unplugging and replugging
  4. can WD MY Passport portable hard drives be used with the Vero or do they require dedicated power supplies?
    Many thanks

Video sources are removed from the context menu - highlight the source in Videos > Files, and hit the button on your remote that looks like three lines with a dot to the left of each and there should be a ‘Remove source’ option in the menu.

Add-ons are removed from their information screen. Go to Settings > Add-on Browser, find and select the add-on (or use the ‘i’ button when highlighting the add-on in the media-specific lists of add-ons) and there should be an Uninstall option at the bottom.

Should do. My BT kb doesn’t have a mouse, though. You can also use a USB keyboard of course.

No. There’s a thread on that somewhere in here.

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Thanks for the add on removal advice. that worked a treat.
But there is no remove source option once i have pressed the three lines with a dot button. i get an option to ‘remove safely’ when pressed on the drive folder ( which is something i dont want to do) and when pressed on the sub folder within the hard drive on the actual source folder i want to remove i get PLAY, QUEUE, ADD TO FAVORITES, CHANGE CONTENT, SCAN FOR NEW CONTENT, AND SCAN TO LIBRARY…but no remove source option. Strange

You’re going past what I’m familiar with through my own use case, but I’m going to guess that the drives with your media are plugged straight into your Vero - in which case it will have auto-mounted them, and there won’t be a remove source option. From my understanding, in that case you can’t remove the source, but you can ‘Change Content’ from the context menu and set it to ‘None’ - followed by cleaning your library through settings - if Kodi doesn’t automatically prompt you to do so - to remove any content from that source from your library.

I’m working on this. I understand that blue lights when people go to bed don’t make people happy. There won’t be a difference in power consumption though.

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Try it. You’ll get away with one disk usually, but two will likely give you issues and require a powered hub. Usual rule of thumb is that if it comes with its own power supply, it will need a power supply (or powered hub).

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Means it is not part of your library and therefore you don’t get “remove source”

You can not remove/hide individual folders from the “Files” view. This is just applicable to contents you added to your library shown under Movies or TV Shows

Perfect. The change content to none worked a charm. Thanks