Vero vs CuBox TV


What’s the advantage of the Vero Over the CuBox TV?

Vero is not simply hardware and it shouldn’t be judged on that alone. You can buy similar hardware for less, you can probably buy better hardware for less.

Vero offers convenience. It is reasonably hardware with at a reasonable (but not best) price that should just work out of the box.

As Vero is static hardware the OSMC team can ensure that Kodi works on it without issue (I hope!) plus they will provide updates as Kodi and hardware performance updates become available.

I am used to playing with computers, updating drivers, altering HW acceleration settings in Kodi and such like but sometimes I have better things to do with my time and I don’t want the box that feeds my children their daily TV fix to stop working. For me Vero offers long term uptime and less hassle from my kids.

As a long time user of Raspbmc on Pi’s and XBMC on PC’s I look at Vero as clicking the Donate button on OSMC. Buying it gives money to support development as well as giving them a standard platform to support (which must make life easier).

I also urge anyone who buys a Vero to pop over and donates to Kodi as well because OSMC wouldn’t be here without it.


Vero isn’t just a Cubox in different packaging though is it?

Hi Martin,

No, it’s not just a CuBox. Some background: the ‘FiveNinjas’ developing Slice have suggested this. The Vero is as much a CuBox as the Slice is a compute module. They are very small foundations in a much greater hardware design.

I would’ve expected the above post to cover this. Remember that the Vero has tightly associated peripherals (i.e. the remote). This lets us support features like Netflix which you would struggle to do on a CuBox because there is no standard input device. You’re also getting vendor support for three years. Whether you will get that from CuBox is yet to be found out.

Vero is flagship hardware: it does use the same case and SoC but goes much further



I see that my Cubox-i1 have eSata, will that be supported in OSMC?

CuBox-i1 does not have eSATA

Hi it does :wink: well at least the port… My guess it’s not working than…

The CuBox-i1 does not have an eSata port.

The backplate has the connector but this does not connect to the SOM on any device below i2ex. The eSata port works on i2ex and i4.

Can you tell me what distribution your eSata port works on? I am certain you are mistaken


Have never used the esata so dont know…but was hoping maybe esata lower than 3gbit… There homepage(solidrun) is not that clear on this…

I belive you sam, as i found some treads thats says the same… And when i try another os i can’t find any ata ref. either.

There’s a big red X on esata for that model on the specs table in the link provided?

Will there ever be a quad core Vero or is there no performance benefit for OSMC to run on the “equivalent” of a Cubox i4 Pro?

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Are in the vero and cubox the same same wifi adapter ?
…cause i got atm a i4p and wifi seems not stable or my router is too far away, but never mind i use wired over dlan, so its all fine, but if i also buy a vero…how is the signal/connection

i read about this issue a few posts …