Vero won't reinstall?

Got a second Vero 4k. Followed the instructions, downloaded the installer and burned the image to an SD card through an SD card reader, plug the reader with the card into the Vero, power down, back on and it just boots normally?

Is there something I’ve missed? Trying to flatten to sell as it’s never used, primary Vero is in constant use though.


Please post the contents or a screenshot of the sdcard.

Thanks Tom.

I don’t think that will work.
Insert the micro SD card directly


I was just following the instructions which said to use a USB stick or micro SD card. It’s a normal SD card in a USB adapter so I assumed it’d behave the same? I’m sure I can find one or the other to give it a go.

No – this won’t work.

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OK no worries Sam I shall try and find a micro SD card tomorrow, I’m sure I have one somewhere :slightly_smiling_face:

Or a normal USB stick (not a card reader) should also work.

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Resolved, decided to flatten my main Vero as well :smiley: