Vero1, OSMC 2017.03-1 update, black screen instead of progress bar

Just a hint/warning: With my Vero1 I do not get a progress bar after exiting Kodi when patch installation is in process. Instead you get a black screen for several minutes.

So, be patient and do not interrupt the update although it looks like the Vero is dead/crashed.

Does running sudo systemctl start manual-update via command line get you the screen?


I fired the command on OSMC 2017-03.01 without doing anything before: No, I just see a black screen and after some seconds the kodi restarts/is visible again.
Should I retry with OSMC 2017-02.02 ?

Yes – please retry it.

Did a virgin installation to OSMC 2017-02-02 and started the manual-update via ssh:

osmc@osmc-vero:~$ systemctl status getty@tty1

  • getty@tty1.service - Getty on tty1
    Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/getty@.service; disabled)
    Active: inactive (dead)
    Docs: man:agetty(8)
    systemd for Administrators, Part XVI
    osmc@osmc-vero:~$ sudo systemctl start manual-update

Again a longish black screen, via ‘top’ I can see the update stuff running.

I’m not sure how the tty1 is relevant.

Did you run those commands locally, or via SSH?


If you run it via SSH, you won’t get the update screen on your TV. This is expected.
It’s possible Kodi isn’t resetting the framebuffer correctly. I’m guessing that this has only occurred since v17?


Can’t say since I start the update from the GUI and directly switch to TV or other sources.

Should I retry with OSMC before 2017-01.01 and brachiate to the point where this symptom started?

You can do but don’t feel obliged to.

I’ll take a look at addressing this later this week.

ok, shall not follow up this further (extreme time intensive even when having some backups and two SD-cards)

Yep – most of my day is spent fixing stuff that shouldn’t be broken.

Ok, since I crashed my actual v17 SD-card, restarted update to OSMC 2017-03.01 from stand OSMC 2017-01.01 … and yes can confirm here the progress bar of the package configuration ist still visible while update.

Are you saying that it now works as expected?
or are you saying it was introduced after Krypton?


Sorry for my English:
I started the update on OSMC 2017-01.01 which installs OSMC 2017-03.01 and while this update the progress bar is visible.

On my vero 1 updating from february to march shows an old framebuffer instead of the progress bar. It stay like this until the update reboots the vero.

This is still an issue (not an old framebufferr, but totally black screen during the update) for both april and may 2017 updates. Did you have a chance to look into this @sam_nazarko?

How did you update?

Using the UI - my osmc - update.

It works fine on rpi2 and rpi3 and the Vero 2.

Only difference in configuration is that my Vero runs wireless network only, the other devices are wired.

Okay thanks for letting me know. Kodi is probably not reconfiguring the framebuffer on exit