Vero2 and Remote Logitech Harmony Ultimate

Not at all, in fact you are barking very very nicely, jarrah31!

I followed your advice. I selected the Samsung TV remote profile on my Vero2, and told my Logitech Harmony setup that the Vero2 is a Samsung UN55D7000. After customising a few buttons and updating my remote - hey presto!!! Now I can put my little black Vero remote up on the shelf, for use as a backup if needed, and my Logitech remote does everything for me, as it has done for the last 2-3 years.

THANK YOU jarrah31!!!

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Thanks Phil, glad I could help!

However I think I’ve found a better solution that doesn’t involve clashes with a Samsung TV…

Based on this excellent guide, I basically added an MCE Keyboard as the device. This sidesteps the need to choose an lircd profile from OSMC because it sends keyboard commands which the Vero 2 can pick up due to its universal IR receiver.

Manufacturer: Microsoft
Model: MCE Keyboard

I tried device 2 as mentioned in the guide but it added nothing extra and didn’t work anyway.

Key thing is I now have all the function keys available to create custom keymaps! For example, I have the following keyboard.xml mapping within …/userdata/keymaps/

        <f2>LoadProfile(master user)</f2>

I also had to change the device command repeats from 3 to 2 as it was sometimes duplicating the commands. Additionally, I remapped the Menu button to keyboard “C” (for contextual menu), back to Backspace, exit to Esc. It may need additional tweaks, so I plan to use this keyboard mapping guide to help.

Hope this helps!