Vero2 and Remote Logitech Harmony Ultimate


I would like to use my Logitech harmony ultimate with my new vero2 (working very well by the way)

Could you tell me which usb/IR controller I can buy ? Can you recommend a model ?

Thank you very much


There is an IR receiver in the Vero 2.

We haven’t investigated configuring it with LIRC yet, but it’s on our list.



Hello Sam,

I am trying to install the Vero 2 and I’m really happy , it seems be a great device !

If I understand, I must wait an update for connect my Harmony Ultimate ?
Just for knowing :slightly_smiling:

Thank you

Hi @zuric,

Did you find an issue for your Harmony ?
I have the same problem as you.

Thanks for answer


Some good news.

I added support for the IR receiver a few days ago and @DBMandrake gave it some testing. It works. This means, following the next update, you’ll be able to configure the IR receiver to work with remotes just as you do via My OSMC -> Remotes on other devices.

A Harmony profile can be mapped to any of the remotes we list, such as the AppleTV remote or an Xbox 360 MCE one.



Good news, it was the last missing feature for me

Great device you made, and great work on osmc, I’ll test the harmany support as soon as it will be available

Thanks for your work.


I’m using the Harmony profile “OSMC Vero” for my Ultimate remote control which seems to work well for basic control on my Vero 2. However I would like to customise things further…

For example, on my Raspberry Pi, I have an FLIRC adapter where I’ve customised unused commands (such as Red, Yellow, etc) to change profiles on Kodi using the keyboard mapping xml file. Searching the forums revealed a link to a PDF document (no longer working) that was meant to show technical documentation, including a list of the remote codes. Vero Remote Codes for Harmony Remote - #8 by sam_nazarko

Is there a similar guide for the Vero 2 remote please?


Excellent question.

@Smurphy said that the Vero remote profile on the Harmony wasn’t very comprehensive. We didn’t add it – so it seems a member of the Community has added it.

I think he has a profile that may be useful. It’s been a while since I used a Harmony, so perhaps others can weigh in here.


Yes - I have a Harmony here, but it was a pain to setup. It is a mix of a Apple remote White, a XIOS remote and some mixup from other remotes. It requires a full new lircd.conf.
Very honestly, I’d prefere to delete that setup and have something like a “decent” full blown remote that can be used instead in the Harmony configuration profile.
My problem is that I have 4 Woman in my household - and everytime something goes wrong - hell breaks loose, so I don’t really test it anymore :}

I suspect it was added from the community because when I’ve raised support calls with them in the past about a particular device profile having misconfigured buttons, they were able to update it.

If you could supply the list of IR codes that work with Vero 2, I’ll happily work with Harmony support to add a Vero 2 profile with loads of spare “buttons” for customisation.

The Vero 2 will recognise any IR codes, it just needs to be configured to listen for them. This involves setting up an lircd.conf with irrecord.

It may be an idea to create a Harmony-Vero2 profile so that we can match the profile on the Harmony website (and update it) with an optimised LIRC configuration. Then users can just select Harmony-Vero2 in My OSMC -> Remotes.

FYI - I have just uploaded my lircd to my site: (download section).
Let me know if you guys can use it. For it to work, you have to select the “Pivos RaspBMC (XIOS DS Media Play)” / Short name “Xios” device/mediacenter PC - as target device. And I did not record any Color-keys on that one.

I’m Interested in such Harmony profile as well. But I have a harmony 350 remote.
Is the OSMC Vero profile a more general one or especially for harmony ultimate?
A more basic profile in harmony database and under myosmc > remotes would be really nice.

Since cec isn’t working properly for me I looked into switching to ir for controling vero2 and found this tread:

The Op first differentiates btw. ehome ir-receivers and non ehome ir-receivers.
I don’t know which one to assume. For ehome Op adds 2 devices in harmony app:
Microsoft --> MCE Keyboard and Microsoft --> Windows Media Center SE.
And for some buttons uses mce keyboard for others win media center se.
But what I don’t understand is how I would control one device with two device profiles…

We are still working on CEC so stay tuned for that in the near future.

Great to hear, it got much better for me since last update. It seemed to me as if cec disconnected when kodi went into stanby/suspend or how it is called when screen darkens. Or better said I couldn’t wake kodi then, allthough simplink showed it is connected to vero2. I thought just denying kodi to go into standby would solve it.
Well turns out after some time or maybe after switching inputs on avr (i don’t really know) the vero2 doesn’t show up at all. Turning cec off and on again doesn’t help either.

Thanks – it’s useful to know what is giving you the issues. We are aware that things are less than stellar when switching between sources and standbying the TV.


From reading posts I also got the impression that having vero2 conncected directly to a tv is less complicated than having a avr in between. But it’s great you guys are still working on it especially because one seems improvement after each update.

Hi all. I am not as technically minded/able as many of you, and so am slightly bemused at how to “set up an lircd.conf with irrecord”. Is there a step-by-step for this somewhere that might help me? I can muddle my way through with putty, as long as it’s laid out in noob-speak for me. :slight_smile:

I have a Harmony 525 remote, by the way. A “harmony-Vero2 profile” sounds pretty useful. Any chance of that happening in the near future?

BTW Sam, my 3 x Vero2 units arrived! Loving it! It took 7 day to get here, but that’s not too bad, seeing as there’s nowhere in the world further away!

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Good to hear. Packaging three of those for NZ safely was quite a task!

Not a tutorial per se – but I’ll see if I can get time to make a standard remote keymap for you, or perhaps someone else on this thread will get it done. Then we’ll include it as an update and it will be as simple as selecting the appropriate remote map in My OSMC


I’d love to help and will certainly have a stab at it when (if) I get chance. Just that two kids, a dog, lots of diy jobs, full time work, etc, spare time is a luxury! :slight_smile:

I managed 30 mins one evening this week and tried to see which remote profile on osmc would work with an equivalent “device” on Harmony. Profiles such as the xbox360 didn’t work because it probably was configured with a different version (MyHarmony said that multiple versions of this remote were on its database, and the only way to change versions was with the original remote). The Samasung TV one worked for me so I may use that for now, but obviously no good for those with a Samsung TV.

In terms of creating a new lircd profile, I guess you’d need a spare remote to send the signals for it to record right? If that was then adopted as the vero2 profile, it may cause conflicts for other users who have that device? Do we therefore need to find unused IR codes to make a vero 2 profile? Is there a database of unused IR codes?

Or am I barking up the wrong tree? :slight_smile: