Vero2 Android

Saw that you ar selling SD with Adroid installed for Vero 2. Can i use Netflix and HBO using Android. Can I switch to OSMC and back in an easy way? Where can I download Android and which version of Android?


I am going to release Android for download on Sunday 21st August. This will run off an SD card. The image will be available from the OSMC Installer and the OSMC download page.

I believe Netflix and HBO are Google Play apps, so you should be able to use them, but they are subject to geoblocking and DRM restrictions. You can install APKs on the system if you enable ‘Unknown sources’.

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That’s very good.
What about switching between Android and OSMC?

That’s covered. You can learn more about switching on the Wiki. You just need to leave your Android SD plugged in

What do you mean by DRM restrictions? I know what DRM is, just curious how it applies here since that should be transparent to the user if we have the official app and a corresponding account.

Just to clarify what I read on another thread (and presumably benefiting the OP): the android image will not come with the play store. (Android source builds never do–AFAIK Google does not distribute the code for that app.) This means downloading a few APKs from the internet somewhere, hopefully a trustworthy source, and installing them directly (this is why you need the “unknown sources” checkbox ). After this you can install any app directly from the play store.

According to the wiki, this release will be Android 4.4.

@sam_nazarko Just reading the wiki and it’s stated that the android release will be pre-rooted, are there any plans for this to be optional as some apps don’t like rooted devices?

Which ones?

I think only Banking ones don’t like rooted devices, and I wouldn’t advise doing your banking on the big screen.

Wow, wasn’t expecting a reply this time in the morning.

Only one I can think of is Sky Go, I think netflix had issues judging by the XDA forums.

Don’t think I’ll use anything personally that’ll not work, I just prefer to have the option.

When you try the Android build, let me know if you have problems. We can always make rooting a manual step, I am just of the opinion that as you own the device you should have full (root) control over it.


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I installed root checker becouse i need the xposed tools to fake that i am on wifi for some streamings services but i get the message i am not rooted? how could this be, xposed installer also tells me i don’t have root so it can’t be installed. do you have removed the root?

how can i enter the custom recovery to install the


I do not know what needs to be done to root the device. My understanding is that there are root privileges available for the normal user, but I am not an Android expert.

  • I have build the ENG build which should set system.prop up appropriately so that there are not restrictions on the system.
  • I have patched ‘su’, so that any user so we don’t check the user’s uid/gid before escalating.
  • I was able to run ‘su’ and become root in a Terminal Emulator. I believe this means that the user can escalate privileges.

I am not aware of a recovery for SD Card based installations of Android, but you should be able to mount the SD in a Linux PC and move apps over that way or make changes to the root filesystem.

What is in this ZIP? I assume stuff to root the device, but if you can tell me what they do then I can bake this in by default.

ok no problem i will figure it out on my own.

SuperSu is a Zip which will root the device by changing some files. Normally u have to install a custom recovery.img to the device and when booting to that u can install zip files, than all goes automatically

this is the thread to the actual SuperSu file and there u can see what it does, but as i am just be able to do about 3% of what u here are doing i am not the right man to explain this to you. sorry :frowning:

SuperSu appears to replace two files:


  • Replacing su allows applications to escalate their privileges. I have patched this binary and it should already work.
  • Replacing reboot allows reboot to recovery etc, but this isn’t necessary on the Vero 2.

I think I will download Root Checker and work out how it determines if the device is rooted or not, then I may be able to get it to realise the device is rooted.


thanks a lot for all your work.

Rooted android devices have a GUI component (APK- it was probably in that zip?) that allows root requests to be confirmed by the user. for example you don’t want to give any application the ability to execute su and then read/write every other application’s data, remount /system as rw to start writing things there, etc.

An unrelated question to this (I can start another thread if this generic “Android” one is getting too spread out) is how do we actually interact with android? There’s no way to start any applications other than browser and contacts with the remote. I’m guessing a usb mouse?
I also have no internet access or way of setting that up. does it only work with the ethernet port at the moment?

@sam_nazarko I built android (also 4.4) for a imx6 based custom hw tablet a few years ago. do you have a public repo/bug tracker or some other way to get community assistance for the android part? I could probably donate some time to help out.

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i’ve tested the android build these days. you and the osmc dev team did a great job. it runs smoothly :+1:
are you planning to update the android version to a newer build? perhaps to 6.x or 7.x?
there are some APKs that have discontinued to support the 4.x build and need a newer version.

thanks for your precious help and support!


Hi Dan

What apps in particular are dropping 4.x support? I can produce 6.x builds but not sure how they’ll perform on V2. It might be possible to hack things in to shape so that these APKs run on 4.x.


Hi Sam,

I am talking about one particular app: The BlackBerry Hub App, which only works on devices starting Android 5.0 (link to APKmirror: BlackBerry Hub+ Inbox (Android 5.0+) APK Download by BlackBerry Limited - APKMirror). So in this case it is actually the other way round, the app never supported Android 4.x.
No need for you to hack the APK, this would only produce extra work. But thanks for offering!
As far as I understand you, there are actually no plans to switch to 5.x/6.x/7.x. Correct?



It’s not ruled out, but I had considered 4.4 would be a stable enough base.

Thanks for the Blackberry App.

Did you do it in the Android emulator?
What Terminal did you use?